Yoshi Sphinx
Mario just outside the Yoshi Sphinx.
World location World 2
Bosses Kamek
Players Mario
Enemies Spinys, Dry Bones, Hammer Bros.
Previous level Drybake Desert
Next level Sandshifter Ruins
Game(s) Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Yoshi Sphinx is the second level of World 2 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


Yoshi Sphinx is actually in the same region as Drybake Desert but with the noticeable Yoshi Sphinx in the center of the level. The Yoshi Sphinx itself appears to be orange in color with blue stripes going down the back of its head.


After exploring the vast sands of Drybake Desert, Mario comes across the giant Yoshi Sphinx. He heads inside where he fights through numerous of enemies until he meets up with Kamek again. However, this time, Kamek has a nasty trick where he turns all of Mario's stickers into Sandles making them hidden on which ones to use. Mario manages to defeat Kamek and finds another Tablet Piece. He heads back into the Yoshi Sphinx, grabs the Comet Piece, and completes the level.


  • Worn-Out Hammer (x3)
  • Hammer (x5)
  • Hopslipper (x4)
  • Slaphammer (x2)
  • Worn-Out Jump (x3)
  • Eekhammer (x2)
  • Shiny Jump (x2)
  • Jump (x4)
  • Iron Jump (x2)
  • Shiny Line Jump (x2)
  • Flashy Hopslipper
  • Megaflash Hammer
  • POW Block
  • Line Jump

Thing Stickers

  • Lightbulb


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