Yoshi sprays Yoshi Juice.

Yoshi Juice is juice that Yoshi shoot out of their mouths. Only shown in Super Mario Sunshine, this juice's color depends on that of the Yoshi, and that depends on the fruit that is fed to the Yoshi. For example, when a Yoshi eats a Durian, it becomes a Purple Yoshi and can shoot purple Yoshi Juice. If it eats a different fruit, however, it will turn a different color and shoot different-colored Yoshi Juice. Each color is equal, so even if the Yoshi and the juice change in color, this does not change the effect the juice has on whatever it sprays.

Yoshi Juice works exactly like the Squirt Nozzle of F.L.U.D.D., but the Yoshi Juice can wash away Sponge Goop. It also has the ability to turn enemies, such as Cheep-Cheeps, into Enemy Platforms. The direction the enemy platform moves depends on the fruit eaten. To refill Yoshi Juice, the Yoshi must eat another fruit.

Yoshi and Yoshi Juice Colors

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