Yellow Magikoopa
Yellow Magikoopa Sprites - Paper Mario
Yellow Magikoopa's two different sprites from Paper Mario.
First Game Paper Mario (2001)
Appearances Paper Mario
Mario Superstar Baseball
Mario Super Sluggers
Homeland Flower Fields
Crystal Palace
Located Flower Fields
Crystal Palace
Leader Bowser
Bowser Jr.
Attacks Magic spells, electricity
Defeated by Attacks, Special Attacks

Yellow Magikoopa is, as his name states, a sub-species of a Magikoopa with a yellow robe and a yellow hat and has blue shoes.


Paper Mario

Yellow Magikoopa makes his debut in Paper Mario as an enemy found in Flower Fields and Crystal Palace.

When battled, he uses magic and electricity. He also can ride his broom during the battle. Mario can simply get him off the broom by jumping on him. The battle can get worse when the Yellow Magikoopa hires an ally to help him. He attacks Mario when he is on the ground by whacking him. He flies off the stage and gives up when his allies are defeated.

Mario Baseball series

The Yellow Magikoopa reappears in Mario Superstar Baseball as one of the characters in the Story mode on Wario's team. He is obviously a yellow coloration of the normal Magikoopa.

He also reappears in the sequel, Mario Super Sluggers as a villain. He is a member of the teams: Bowser Jr. Rookies and Bowser Monsters. When he is up to bat, he uses a really long wand as a bat. Like all the other Magikoopas on this game, he has good pitching.