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Wuhu Town
Wuhu Town
Yoshi driving in Wuhu Town
First game Mario Kart 7 (2011)
Game(s) Mario Kart 7
Theme Wuhu Island

Wuhu Town is one of the three new battle stages in Mario Kart 7. It takes place on Wuhu Island at nighttime.

Considering the many buildings in the town, the stage is a good one for strategy players (considerably the ones who enjoy the scheme of sneaking up on other opponents and attacking them). A fountain can be found in the middle of the stage which allows players to perform when driving over it. Three miniature paths lead to a higher and smaller area with an arch allowing to look over the stage and a little beyond (specifically a blimp and a cruise ship in the background). Item Boxes are found everywhere on the course. Fence is found on the exits of the town as an indication of the border of the stage.

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