World 4-4
SM3DL World 4-4
World location World 4
Players 1
Enemies See below.
Previous level World 4-3
Next level World 4-5
Game(s) Super Mario 3D Land

World 4-4, is the twentieth level of Super Mario 3D Land.


World 4-4 is a Ghost House level of Super Mario 3D Land, featuring strange puzzles and ghost enemies. The first part of the level features a dark hallway with a Boo that appears while nearing a lone coin. The winding path of invisible checkered platforms awaits Mario for the duration of the first half of the level. A large octagon-shaped room is where Mario finds himself after the invisible platforms; this room houses the level's Checkpoint as well. While in the middle of said room, five boos come to attack Mario, but a Power Star can be found in the middle Question Block. Taking the top-right path leads Mario to the last leg of the level. The last leg is similar to the first half with the invisible platforms, but this time, there is a Big Boo chasing Mario down. On the far side of this area is a door that leads to the Flagpole.


Enemies that appeared in World 4-4:

Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: Near the beginning of the level, Mario finds a group of rotating Peepas; the first Star Medal is found with these enemies.
  • Star Medal 2: When in a large octagon-shaped room, Mario must go to the right corner. By breaking a wooden Warp Pipe, Mario can find access to a room with the second Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 3: Using the second teleportation box, Mario can access the third and final Star Medal.

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