World 3-5
SM3DL World 3-5
World location World 3
Players Mario, Luigi
Enemies See below.
Previous level World 3-4
Next level World 3-Airship
Game(s) Super Mario 3D Land

World 3-5, is the fifteenth level of Super Mario 3D Land.


The level resembles the look of the Mario Kart: Double Dash!! battle stage, Cookie Land, having sweets in the background and platforms resembling cookies. The level is like an Airship level in that it automatically moves and if Mario is left behind, he automatically loses the life. The beginning of the level sports moving platforms and Biddybuds that Mario must traverse. At the end of the first part of the level, there is a teleporting block that leads to the Checkpoint. After the Checkpoint, the level begins to slide again and Mario must jump over several moving platforms to reach the Flagpole.


Enemies that appeared in World 3-5:

Star Medals

  • Star Medal 1: After the first patch of brick blocks, Mario must jump on a lone stack of two and jump again to obtain the first Star Medal.
  • Star Medal 2: Right before the teleporting block, there is a Star Medal flying below that is accessible by jumping down and then bouncing of the Para-biddybud below.
  • Star Medal 3: Before the second teleporting block, there is the last Star Medal floating on the left side of the moving platforms.

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