World 3-1
SM3DL World 3-1
World location World 3
Players Mario, Luigi
Enemies See below.
Previous level World 2-Airship
Next level World 3-2
Game(s) Super Mario 3D Land

World 3-1 is the eleventh level of Super Mario 3D Land.


The level opens up with Mario falling into a desert, near a large brick tower. There is a cannon on a small building next to the tower. The first part of the level is navigating the side of the tower after blasting onto the side via the cannon. Once inside, the level view becomes top-down. Inside the tower are more enemies and more dangerous traps to snare Mario. The top of the first area inside the tower contains the Checkpoint of the level. Afterward, Mario goes outside to climb up some moving stones to the third floor on the inside. This area contains a total of ten Wallops. On the top of the tower is a small stone structure that can be used to reach the top of the Flagpole.

Star Coins

Star Coin 1 - Use the Cannon and then reach the motion platform. It holds the first Star Coin.

Star Coin 2 - There is a secret room before going into the temple. Use a tanooki Suit to break the block. Enter the room and grab the Star Coin

Star Coin 3 - while in the final room of the Temple, There is a Star Coin above the Thwomp.


Enemies that appeared in World 3-1:

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