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World 2-A.

World 2-A is a water level in New Super Mario Bros., but there are pyramids in the background. Throughout the level, a large fish will stalk Mario. In the very first area, there are some logs (which appear throughout the level), and two Question Blocks. Past this are a few jumping Koopa Paratroopas, another Question Block, and the first Star Coin in the level. The Star Coin is above the water, so Mario will have to be careful to not get hit by the fish. After the Star Coin, there is the first Spin Block in the level, and Mario can collect many coins by using it. There are then two more Spin Blocks, and an island with a Spin Block on it. The island has two palm trees on it, but they cannot be climbed and are just background. Then there is the Midway Point, a few more Spin Blocks, and numerous blocks with coins on top of them. After this Mario can use the Spin Blocks to jump on top of two red Koopa Paratroopas, and doing so and then jumping on a Koopa Troopa near a yellow warp pipe will allow him access to the secret exit. It will also allow him to get the second Star Coin. In order to get through the secret exit, Mario should go through the yellow pipe. He can get the third and final Star Coin here. He should then go through the red pipe, and slide down the flagpole. He can also hit invisible blocks in the final area to slide down the flagpole from a higher point. This secret exit will allow him to go World 5 via cannon, and the normal exit will let him go to World 2-Castle.

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