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World 2-4
SM3DL World 2-4
World location World 2
Players 1
Enemies See below.
Previous level World 2-3
Next level World 2-Airship
Game(s) Super Mario 3D Land

World 2-4 is the ninth level of Super Mario 3D Land.


World 2-4 is made up of giant building block-like blocks. Throughout the level are giant blue and red flip switches, similar to those from Super Mario Galaxy 2. These switches flip their side every time Mario jumps. This flips every platform in the level. As Mario proceeds through the level, the more difficult the flip switch puzzles become. A few jack-in-the-box like items launch out Goombas at one point in the level. There is also a Coin Heaven in this level.


Enemies that appeared in World 2-4:

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