World 1
World 1 Map - New Super Mario Bros
Map of World 1.
Game New Super Mario Bros.
# of levels 8

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"Ah, good ol' World 1. The first world in a game should be easy, right? Wrong! Mario's first stop in his latest adventure is filled with danger and will take him over land, through sewers, and underwater before he reaches his goal."
New Super Mario Bros.'s Official Site

World 1 is the first world in New Super Mario Bros. It is themed as a plains near Peach's Castle. The boss of this world is Bowser himself.



This world features 5 mushroom houses, and a cannon, which leads to World 5.

Secret Exits & Unlockables

Secret Exits


Enemies Introduced


New Super Mario Bros24:31

New Super Mario Bros. (DS) 100% Walkthrough - World 1 (All Star Coins & Secret Exits)

by packattack04082

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