World 1-3
SM3DL World 1-3
World location World 1
Players 1
Enemies See below.
Previous level World 1-2
Next level World 1-4
Game(s) Super Mario 3D Land

World 1-3 is the third level of Super Mario 3D Land.


In World 1-3, Mario finds himself on a steep mountaintop. He is tasked to scale down the mountainous path, dodging Piranha Plants and Koopa Troopas. On the way down, he finds a bonus box filled with coins. After the short way down, Mario finds the Checkpoint of the level. After the checkpoint, Mario rids a large switch platform on wires above a large chasm. Crossing the chasms, Mario must then fall from the tall heights to a small platform. From there, Mario rides another platform to the Flagpole near a waterfall in the background.

Star Coins

Star Coin 1: Use the binoculars and seek on the Toad. He'll throw a Star Coin and it'll stop above the note block.

Star Coin 2: Take the Magic Note Block and once in the cloud level, Mario or Luigi will find the second Star Coin at the end of the path.

Star Coin 3: The third Star Coin can be found somewhere in the Cloud platform section. It can be easy to find.


Enemies that appeared in World 1-3:

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