World 1-2
World 1-2 (Piranha Plants, Super Mario Bros.)
Fire Mario encounters Piranha Plants
World location World 1
Bosses N/A
Players Mario, Luigi
Enemies Koopa Troopas (red and green), Goombas, Piranha Plants
Previous level World 1-1
Next level World 1-3
Game(s) Super Mario Bros.

World 1-2 is the second level of World 1 in Super Mario Bros.


World 1-2 starts outside with a cutscene where Mario walks into a Warp Pipe to go underground.

There are many Blocks throughout the level including Item Blocks and Brick Blocks. There are fourteen Goombas, three Koopa Troopas which are all green, four Piranha Plants, and a single Koopa Troopa colored red. There are several pits and several pipes, one of which is a warp pipe leading further underground. In the room that the pipe leads to, there are several coins lined up above some brick blocks and a pipe leading back to the main part of the level. Near the end of the main tunnel is one column of platforms constantly going up, another heading down, and another column heading up. If the player doesn't use the platforms to get above the block ceiling but instead heads for the bottom path, he or she will find a Warp Pipe heading above ground. Once there Mario will find a staircase of blocks, a Flagpole, and a fortress that is in the background. If the player did indeed use the platforms to get above the block ceiling and continues to head right, he or she would reach a Warp Zone leading to World World 2, World 3, and World 4. The player can use a glitch to make the Warp Zone also lead to World 5 and the Minus World.

Other appearances

World 1-2 reappears in every remake of Super Mario Bros. One level in Super Paper Mario is based on World 1-2. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, the Mushroomy Kingdom stage sometimes takes place at World 1-2. At other times it takes place at World 1-1.

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