Windy Mill
Mario just outside Windy Mill.
Located Between Forever Forest and Gusty Gulch.
Inhabitants Tubba Blubba's Heart
Hyper Goombas
Game(s) Paper Mario

Windy Mill is a large windmill that appears in Paper Mario. It is located right before Gusty Gulch.


Windy Mill is just basically a large windmill. The inside also has a platform where Mario can Ground Pound to reach underground of it.


Mario and his partners reach Windy Mill after obtaining Yakkey from Tubba Blubba's Castle. Mario heads down under fighting the many Hyper Goombas in rooms also ingoring the signs. Mario eventually reaches Tubba Blubba's Heart and nearly defeats it in battle. The heart escapes Windy Mill and reunites with Tubba Blubba. However, Mario easily defeats him and Mario earns the third Star Spirit.


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