Wiggler's Garden
MPDS Wiggler's Garden
Wiggler's Garden
Appears in Mario Party DS
Theme Garden

Wiggler's Garden is a board found in Mario Party DS.


This garden based board is the first board, and is great for beginners of the game. It features many plants, flowers, trees, and other garden-type like things.

? Spaces

The ? Spaces on the board fall into several different categories:

  • Flytraps: Landing on this space will trigger the plant to chomp on all players currently resting on the space, costing each affected player 5 coins.
  • Flower Trios: These spaces come in pairs. A player landing on one of these spaces is prompted to choose a flower (colored red, blue, or yellow). The player is then randomly awarded 1, 10, or 30 coins as a prize.
  • Yellow Blossoms: A player landing on one of these two spaces has 5 seconds to agitate a yellow blossom using the stylus, collecting whatever coins that fly out of the blossom.
  • Piranha Plant: Occurs as a 3-space spread at the extreme upper edge of the board. Landing on one of these spaces triggers the Piranha Plant living there, which attacks the player with a fireball. Frequently, the attack will fail to hit, but when the attack is successful, the player loses 10 coins.
  • Flower Springs: A player landing on this space will be bounced back to the start.

Story Mode

The heroes that started their journey to Bowser's Castle, but were stopped at the beginning by a Wiggler, who told them: "That Piranha Plant I've have in my garden is messing up my garden." The heroes decided to help him and delay their adventure.


Party Mode: Get the most stars out of all the players, purchasing them for 20 coins.

Story Mode: Get the most stars out of all the players, purchasing them for 20 coins. Then its a "boss battle" mini-game against the Piranha Plant.


  • This board is the final form of the beta Petey's Greenhouse.