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Not to be confused with Thwomp.

A Whomp from Mario Party 9
First Game Super Mario 64 (1996)
Appears in Mario Party series
Super Mario 64 DS
Super Mario Galaxy 2
Leader Whomp King
Located Whomp's Fortress
Subspecies Super-Whomp
Attack(s) Slamming into the ground
Defeated Ground Pounding the weak spot
Whomps are tall, brick-like enemies made of stone with arms similar to Bomberman's and tiny red eyes. Their most recognizable appearance was in Super Mario 64. Unlike Thwomps, Whomps are destructible. If Mario came too close to a Whomp it would try to flatten him, then revealing the weak spot on its back, noticeable by an X shaped bandage. Mario could jump on top of a fallen Whomp and ground pound it to destroy it and if Mario was crushed by a Whomp he can be destroyed whole. They most recently appeared in Super Mario Galaxy 2 . Though Whomps and Thwomps appear similar in more ways than one, Whomps appear to be much more intelligent than Thwomps, due to the fact they walk around, sometimes produce speech, and appear to have built the Mushroom Kingdom as it hints in Super Mario Galaxy 2as well as in Super Mario 64 DS

A Whomp in Super Mario 64.


Super Mario 64

Whomp's first appearance was in Super Mario 64 along with its remake Super Mario 64 DS where it relatively unchanged. Whomps walked slowly, and when they saw Mario, they will start to run faster and pounded the ground with their front side. If Mario was crushed, he'd lose a big amount of health. Whomps had one weakness though; if they missed Mario while landing, they leave their backside unprotected, allowing Mario to ground pound the Whomp.

Mario Party series

Whomps appeared throughout the Mario Party series. Some Whomps were in the minigames, while others guarded the paths, and asked a player to pay coins in order to get past the Whomps.

Mario Party 8

In Mario Party 8, Whomps appeared to guard secret passages in King Boo's Haunted Hideaway. They ask players for ten coins for a pass. If payed, the Whomp moves out of the way and inhabits another pathway.

Mario Party DS

Whomp also appeared as a trophy and rival badge in Mario Party DS. They also confronted the gang in the minigames: Whomp-a-thon and Toppling Terror.

Mario Party 9

One appears as a miniboss in this game when the other is the Big Bob-Omb.

New Super Mario Bros.

Whomps make very minor appearance in New Super Mario Bros. In one of the castles, some Whomps will attempt to crush Mario. One Whomp is actually a way to nab a Star Coin.

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