Whitecap Beach
Mario walking near some Poison Bloopers on Whitecap Beach
World location World 3
Bosses Gooper Blooper
Players Mario
Enemies Poison Bloopers, Cheep-Cheeps
Previous level Holey Thicket
Next level Snow Rise
Game(s) Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Whitecap Beach is the twelfth and final level of World 3 in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.


Unlike all of the other levels, Whitecap Beach takes place mainly on a beach. However, there is still black ink on the sand.


After defeating the Wiggler Segment and putting the Wiggler back together, Mario meets up with the Wiggler on the dock. Mario eventually evades enemies and tentacles until he meets with an old foe: Gooper Blooper. Gooper Blooper is wearing a Royal Sticker on its head and Mario proceeds to fight it. Using the Sponge Thing Sticker to his advantage, Mario defeats Gooper Blooper and retrieves the third Royal Sticker and completes World 3.


  • Line Jump (x3)
  • Worn-Out Jump
  • Shiny Jump (x2)
  • Hopslipper
  • Hurlhammer
  • Shiny Slaphammer
  • Jump
  • Hammer
  • Shiny Eekhammer

Thing Stickers

  • Sponge
  • Pocket Watch


  • Wiggler Segment
  • Royal Sticker
  • Album Page

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