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Whack Bump
A Whack Bump's sprite from Paper Mario.
First Game Paper Mario
Appearances Paper Mario
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Super Paper Mario
Found From Whackas.
Effects Heals 25 HP and 25 FP.

Whacka Bump is an item found in Paper Mario, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and Super Paper Mario.


It is obtained in the first two games by hitting a Whacka. It recovers 25 HP and 25 FP. Only eight of these can be gotten before the Whacka disappears.

In Super Paper Mario, the Whacka Bump can be purchased at the arcade for 300 Flipside Tokens. A Whacka can be found on Chapter 5-1 at the far right wall. Mario must use Dottie to shrink and then flip to 3D. The Whacka is found in the hole. If a Whacka Bump is cooked, it creates a Roast Whacka Bump.


  • The Whacka Bump is considered one of the best healing items of the Paper Mario games with the other one being the Jelly Ultra.

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