Vincent Van Gore
Vincent van gore
Vincent Van Gore's gold portrait.
First Game Luigi's Mansion
Homeland Luigi's Mansion
Located The Artist's Studio
Leader King Boo
Attacks Magic Paintbrush
Defeated by Poltergust 3000

Vincent Van Gore, the Starving Artist is a portrait ghost found in Area Four in the Artist's Studio in Luigi's Mansion. When Luigi enters, Vincent complains about how his creations were vacuumed up by the Poltergust 3000. This reveals that Vincent has been releasing all the ghosts, except the portrait ghosts, throughout the mansion. He then, challenges Luigi to a battle.

Vincent starts off by releasing seven different sets of ghosts, where there is three in each set. These ghosts float out of paintings he has set up in the studio. Luigi must defeat one set before moving onto the next one. After Luigi has sucked up the twenty-one ghosts, Vincent expresses his sadness. He makes himself vulnerable, so you can capture and suck him up. After sucking him up, you receive the Secret Altar Key. After his defeat, no more minor ghosts appear throughout the mansion.

The ghosts Vincent releases from the painting, in order are; Gold Ghosts, Purple Punchers, Blue Twirlers, Red Grabbing Ghosts, Red Shy Guy Ghosts, Garbage Can Ghosts, and finally Purple Bombers.


  • Vincent Van Gore's name is based off Vincent Van Gogh, a famous painter.
  • Vincent reveals he was been creating all of the ghosts that are found in the mansion. All of the ghosts except the Portrait Ghosts.

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