Vanish Mario
Artwork of Vanish Mario from Super Mario 64.
Item required Vanish Cap (Super Mario 64)
Power Flower (Super Mario 64 DS)
User(s) Mario
Other forms Vanish Luigi
Powers and Abilities Invisibility
First appearance Super Mario 64
Latest appearance Super Mario 64 DS

Vanish Mario is one of Mario's special forms in Super Mario 64. To turn into one for a limited time, he must collect the Vanish Cap.

Powers and Abilites

The cap grants him invisibility and makes him immaterial. He can pass through walls unhindered, and most enemies will ignore him when he wears it.


Super Mario 64

Vanish Mario is actually rarely used in this game only appearing in a few levels such as Hazy Maze Cave. Vanish Mario is usually needed to bypass gates in order to get to a Star.

Super Mario 64 DS


Vanish Luigi

In this game, Vanish Luigi appears instead and Luigi can use this form by getting a Power Flower. Vanish Luigi can do everything that Vanish Mario can do. Vanish Luigi is also needed to be used on the second floor to bypass the glass in the mirror room. This will allow Luigi the chance to unlock Wario.