Vanish Cap Couse
Vanish Cap Under The Moat is a secret course in Super Mario 64 (retitled The Secret Under The Moat in Super Mario 64 DS), that is accessed through the moat outside the castle after the water has been drained. It consists of a massive slope at the start with several ledges, eight Red Coins, several moving platforms, and the switch that activates the blue Vanish Cap. The switch is located at the end of the level. One Power Star can be found in the original game. Just collect all eight red coins and get the Star at the end of the level. If you fall, you exit from the hole near the moat and waterfall, and not die.

In the DS remake, since there is no Vanish Cap, the course only contains two secret power stars. One is the red coin star, Luigi (Wario with a Luigi Cap) can use a power flower, so he turns invisible, goes through the gate and get the star and other requires activating a star switch and Mario (Wario with a Mario cap) getting a power flower (so that he can float). He can also wall jump.


  • In the DS remake, only Wario can start the course because the entrance is under black bricks, which only he can destroy.
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