Vacuum Shroom

Vacuum Mushroom is a special mushroom that was erected by Fawful in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story It was used to trick Bowser into eating it in Dimble Wood.


The Vacuum Shroom was given to Bowser by Fawful under the name "The Lucky Shroom". This caused Bowser to inhale everything in sight. He proceeded to Princess Peach's Castle, where he inhaled Peach, Starlow, Mario, and Luigi, and the Toads in the castle. The Vacuum Mushroom gives the ability to inhale objects and people on whoever eats it. When ever an object gets inhaled, it shrinks down to microscopic size.


  • The Vacuum Mushroom is one of the only two mushrooms (the other being the Blorb Mushroom) to be created by Fawful. This one is of a more paramount vitality to his plans, however.
  • Bowser retains the Vacuum Mushroom's powers in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team as he used it to suck in the shattered Dream Stone pieces.
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