Decided to blog rather than use a forum. Don't ask why.

It is SO obvious that we need to update the main page. I'm becoming more and more busy as we speak, and I cannot be updating it constantly anymore.

First, we need to update everything. Not some of it. All of it. All of it is totally out of date. We should also notify that the main page is back in business again and ask people to request media, but I haven't seen anything requested, which is probably more than half the reason it hasn't been updated.

Second, I can't do it anymore. At the least, more certainly not all of it. I'm going to need Wattz and Conker to be helping me out here. I'm gone like half of this month and I'm becoming more caught up with my new YouTube series and trying to become YouTube partner (I feel I'm heading in the same direction as Count Caterpie...). Also, I'm just becoming a busier person in my actual life. Getting older obvious means a lot responsibilities. And I'm driving now, so you know.

I'm sure Wattz is also busy, but Conker, I know you're a lot more active than either me or Wattz. I'm not pointing fingers, but I know that you most certainly will be on more often and more eligible for updating main page (I do want to acknowledge that Conker's been doing a fabulous job at correcting things in the wiki, along with you Wattz, I feel terribly bad I'm not helping out so much like I used to).

So yeah. Happy Birthday...(?)

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