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Undergrunt Gunner
Undergrunt Gunner
Design of Undergrunt Gunner in Deep Dark Galaxy and Golf Leaf Galaxy.
First Game Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Located (Super Mario Galaxy)
Gold Leaf Galaxy
Toy Time Galaxy
Deep Dark Galaxy
(Super Mario Galaxy 2)
Bowser Jr.'s Fearsome Fleet
Leader Bowser
Attacks Releasing Bullet Bills
Defeated by Yoshi must spit the Bullet Bills back at the Undergrunt Gunner
Ground Pound

Undergrunt Gunner is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy and a regular enemy in Super Mario Galaxy 2 as regular flying cannons around Bowser and Bowser Jr.'s defenses that appear in both Super Mario Galaxy games.


Super Mario Galaxy

The Undergrunt Gunner is known to be a boss in three different galaxies, Gold Leaf Galaxy, Toy Time Galaxy and Deep Dark Galaxy.


Gold Leaf Galaxy

In Gold Leaf Galaxy, the mission is called "When it Rains, it Pours". One of the Bees complained to Mario that the "mean mole" took their deck. In the battle, Underground Gunner is shooting bubbles. To beat him, you must avoid bubbles by going behind the wall, Bee Mario can fly over him and pound on the glass to attack him. He is still vulnerable with normal Mario when jumping further. The longer Mario stays on top off him, he rages and spins faster. When enraged, he shoots bubbles rapidly. After finished off, his machine explodes resulting the Power Star to be given.

Toy Time Galaxy

He now uses the electric machine that causes damage and he is on a higher level making it difficult ground pounding his machine. Mario should use the Spring Mushroom to jump higher and then Mario can ground pound him. This should be repeated three times to be rewarded the Power Star.