Tuxie Artwork - Super Mario 64
Tuxie's artwork from Super Mario 64.
Alternate Names Baby Penguin
First Game Super Mario 64 (1996)
Game Appearances Super Mario 64
Super Mario 64 DS
Homeland Cool, Cool Mountain
Notable Members Penguin

Tuxie is a baby penguin appearing in Super Mario 64, as well in its remake.

Tuxie and Mario - Super Mario 64

Mario holding Tuxie in Super Mario 64.

During gameplay, Tuxie's mother is worried about Tuxie as she went missing and can't remember where she left her. She requests Mario to go find her. Tuxie can be found on the top of the mountain, near the exact area where Mario starts. Mario must then go to the bottom of the mountain to where Tuxie's mom is to earn a Power Star.

A similar looking penguin can be found on the chimney of a house. When Mario brings that penguin in specific to Tuxie's mother, she says it isn't her child, because her child has her beak.


  • Despite Tuxie's name being a shortened form of tuxedo, her appearance has nothing to do with a tuxedo.
  • If Tuxie is reunited with her mother and Mario then steals Tuxie, her mother gets angry and waddles to Mario with an angry face.
  • Strangely, Tuxie's mother is not angered if Mario throws Tuxie off the mountain.

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