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Tubba Blubba
Tubba blubba
Tubba Blubba
First Appearance Paper Mario (2001)
Location Tubba Blubba's Castle
Species Clubba
Gender Male
Attacks Fist Slam
Body Slam
Tubba Blubba
Tubba Blubba's sprite.
HP 10
Defense 0 (unlimited without his heart)
Attack 4 (Fist Slam; Body Slam)

Tubba Blubba is a character and the main boss of Chapter 3 in Paper Mario. He was an invincible powerhouse that inhabits a large mansion to the very east of Gusty Gulch.


Tubba Blubba is a large purple Clubba. He has much darker eyes with orange pupils and orange hair. He also has a spiny shell and a white patch on his chest.


Chapter 3: The "Invincible" Tubba Blubba

Tubba Blubba is first seen in Gusty Gulch where he eats a Boo right in front of Mario. After that, he heads back into his castle with Mario and Bow following behind him. Tubba Blubba is seen again wandering in the halls thinking someone is there. Mario manages to put the slip on Tubba Blubba with Bow's Outta Sight move and Mario heads into his room. Tubba Blubba also heads into his room worried that someone is in his castle and also worried about angering Bowser because of the lost Star Spirit. Tubba Blubba then decides to take a nap while Mario finds a key named Yakkey who explains he leads to Tubba Blubba's weakness. However, Yakkey violently screams waking up Tubba Blubba and starts a frantic chase all the way back to Windy Mill. Moments later, Tubba Blubba's Heart reunites with Tubba Blubba and they fight Mario once more. However, Tubba Blubba is easily beaten and releases all the Boos he has ever eaten. He then runs off crying saying he doesn't want to fight strong guys like Mario anymore.


During the first encounter, Tubba Blubba is invicible and Mario should always run from battle if he ever encounters him. In battle, Tubba Blubba attacks mainly by pounding his fist on the ground slamming Mario for pretty high damage. After he reunites with his heart, Tubba Blubba his much weaker and, if lucky, Mario can defeat him on the very first turn.


  • Body Slam: Tubba Blubba leaps down onto Mario, dealing high damage.
  • Mega Punch: Tubba Blubba uses this fist attack on Mario that can deal high damage as well.

Battle Statistics

Tubba Blubba's Stats
Max HP 10
Attack 4
Defense 0 (unlimited without heart)
  • Fist Slam
  • Body Slam


  • Tubba Blubba is verey much like Doopliss:
    • They are both fought in creepy-themed locations.
    • They are both, at one point, invincible and if Mario encounters one of them, he must flee from the battle.
    • Both of them contain a secret to their invincibility and after it is figured out, they will become weaker and damageable again.
  • Tubba Blubba is the first major boss being a species of Clubba. The second will be Macho Grubba in Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door.
    • Funny, both are fought in Chapter 3 of that respective Paper Mario game.
  • Tubba Blubba is the first boss of a Paper Mario game that Mario can run from battle from. However, this only occurs during the encounters in his castle.
  • Tubba Blubba is one of few to have an entire chapter named after him with the other being the Koopa Bros.

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