Triple Jump
MP5 Triple Jump
Triple Jump
Appearance(s) Mario Party 5
Mario Party: The Top 100
Type 4-player mini-game
"The button you need to tap changes during the event. Be sure to tap the correct button for the most distance!"
― Advice

Triple Jump is a 4-Player Mini-game that appears in Mario Party 5. Its name comes from one of Mario's moves, the Triple Jump.


Four players are in the sky and each at a signpost. On the first jump, the player must press Gamecube A button rapidly to go farther. After the player touches the ground, the player must press Gamecube B button rapidly for the same effect. On the third jump, the player must press Gamecube A button rapidly one more time.

The player with the highest distance wins this minigame.


  • Gamecube A button (repeatedly) - Float farther (first and third jumps)
  • Gamecube B button (repeatedly) - Float farther (second jump)

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