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Tricky the Triceratops is the first boss in Diddy Kong Racing and Diddy Kong Racing DS in the boss level of Dino Domain. Tricky was brainwashed by Wizpig along with Bluey, Bubbler, Smokey and given a piece of a Wizpig Amulet afterwards.

When Tricky is raced, he can squish the player with his mighty legs. There are also items not required much to be in front of Tricky, but are still useful however. There are also boulders that can squish the player if making contact with one like Tricky can. There is also a shortcut with a zipper in it. After the player completes the race by winning, Tricky becomes free of being brainwashed and gives the player one of the Amulets and opens the Silver balloon challenges.


  • Tricky is related to a styracosaurus enemy, Tricky in the Star Fox series as both are dinosaurs and are related to each other, due to their appearance, name, and personalities.

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