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MP7 Treasure Dome!
Dry Bones in the Treasure Dome
Rainbowroad6wAdded by Rainbowroad6w

Treasure Dome! is a Single-Player Bowser Mini-game from Mario Party 7. One person must use the key to open every chest to complete the mini-game within the thirty second time limit or Bowser will squish the player and he/she loses. When you open a chest, you will get another key. Then you open another chest with that key, and so on. The last chest will have the Bowser Key. This game has plenty of strategy for you to complete so you got to be quick to open each one before time runs out!


If you put the key in one of the wrong chests, don't worry! Just move on to the next chest and keep going! If you put the key in the right chest, then you'll receive a new key and the process repeats until the player has opened all 5 chests! If there's about 7-10 seconds left on the clock, then you can go back to the chests you missed earlier in the minigame!


MP7 Treasure Dome! 2
Yoshi has earned a gold key with 2 seconds left to spare!
Rainbowroad6wAdded by Rainbowroad6w

If the player opens the last chest before the 30 seconds are up, a gold key will appear, the Mini-game Referee will call "Finish!" and he/she wins but if he/she doesn't find the order of the chests when time is up, then Bowser will appear and squish him/her and you'll lose 50% of your coins, all of your coins or a star, if he/she currently has one.


  • Control Stick - Move
  • A Button - Open The Chest
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