Artwork of Topmaniac
First Game Super Mario Galaxy (2007)
Location Battlerock Galaxy
Dreadnought Galaxy
Species Topman

Topmaniac is a boss in Super Mario Galaxy, and is the leader of the Topman tribe in the Battlerock Galaxy. He had his return in Dreadnought Galaxy. He is a Top Man with spikes coming out of him. He's also the boss on other locations as well.


At the start of the battle, Topmaniac summons three Mini Topmen. Mario must first need to jump on top of him, making him spin into the nearby electrical fence. Topmaniac summons several Mini Topmen during the battle, and even speeds himself up, making it more difficult for Mario to defeat him. His weakness is that you have to jump on top of him to make him dizzy and then spin him into the electric rays three times in order to defeat him. After doing so, he explodes which rewards you with the Power Star.


  • His name is a portmanteau of "Topman", a species and "maniac" explaining why he is going wild.