Four Toadies capturing Baby Luigi
First Game Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (1995)
Appearances Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island
Yoshi's Story
Yoshi's Island DS
Mario Party 5
Mario Party 6
Mario Party 8
Homeland Yoshi's Island
Located Yoshi's Island
Leader Kamek
Attacks Swooping down, stealing
Defeated by Jumped on

Toadies are Kamek's troops in the Yoshi's Island series.

Toady is a villain that appears in the Mario series games. Toadies are a type of Magikoopa that serve as minions to Kamek. They are typically seen wearing a red outfit that resembles a robe and glasses that are similar to Kamek's. They fly around by using the propellor located on their head. Toady first appears in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. Toady would appear and carry Baby Mario off if Yoshi allowed him to float around too long. The Toadies would then carry Baby Mario back to their master, Kamek. Toadies also appeared in the Nintendo 64 game Yoshi's Story. When a Yoshi died in this game, the Toadies would carry Yoshi back to Bowser's castle.

Mario Party series

Toadies hve not played a big role in the Mario Party, and was only introduced to the series in Mario Party 5. They have only served as a capsule and an orb in the series, and they also hosted an Item Shop on one of the board maps. Their leader, Kamek, has made more appearances than them however.

In Mario Party 5, Toady appear as a collectible capsule that is mislabled as the Magikoopa Capsule. The character that takes the role of the Magikoopa Capsule is in fact a Toady. In this game, Toady would appear over a characters head and force them to trade capsules with another character that is chosen by a roulette wheel. The character that the wheel stops on is the opponent that they will be forced to trade their capsules with. Toady appears as an orb in Mario Party 6, where its role has slightly changed. When an opponent lands on a trap space that contains a Toady Orb, Toady will appear and take a random orb from them, and gives it to the owner of the trap space. In Mario Party 8, Toady appears as the host of the Item shops in Bowser's Warped Orbit.

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