A Tileoid Y
First Game Super Paper Mario
Located Whoa Zone
Flipside Pit of 100 Trials
Attacks Contact
Defeated by Jumping
Fire Breath

Tileoids are small creatures that appeared as enemies in Super Paper Mario. Tileoids are essentially a 3x3 grid of pulsating squares with a pair of eyes attached to the front. The unique feature of Tileoids is that they are able to crawl along sheer wall and ceilings, making the player resort to unconventional means to kill them. They come in a few variations, each with a different attribute, and are generally found in the Pit of 100 Trials.

Tileoid G. are green Tileoids that are known for their speed as they are faster than the Blue and Red Tileoids. Tileoid B. are blue Tileoids that can inflict a variety of curses, like slowed movement, on the player is the player touches one. Tileoid R. are red Tileoids that have higher heath than Tileoid G., Tileoid B., and Tileoid Y., meaning that they might take multiple hits to kill. Tileoid Y. are golden colored Tileoids that are remarkably faster than Tileoid G.s.

There is also a Dark Tileoid, which is pitch black, including it's eyes. It can move anywhere, has more speed than Tileoid Y, more HP than Tileoid R, and more attack than any other variation.

All Tileoids

All Tileloids (from L to R): Tileoid G, B, R, Y, Dark