Thunder Sass
Thunder Sass as seen in battle.
First Game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Appearances Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Gender Male
Homeland Dream World
Location Dreamy Wakeport
Species Hooski
Attacks Fist Charge

Thunder Sass is a boss that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is one of the Hooraws that must be fought in order to obtain a Hooraw Medal in order to see Big Massif.


Thunder Sass is a small Hooraw that wears yellow clothing. He also has an angry expression on his face.


The battle conditions for Thunder Sass is that Mario can only win by counterattacking and can only heal during his turn.


  • Hooraw Charge: Thunder Sass will bounce off of the group of Hooraws and into Mario. Mario must have his hammer ready to counter this attack.
  • Charging Fist: Thunder Sass will dash at Mario attempting to punch him. Mario must jump at the right moment in order to damage him.


Since Mario can only heal and counterattack, Mario must try his best to counterattack all of Thunder Sass' attacks and heal when necessary.