The Underwhere
Mario in The Underwhere.
Inhabitants Shaydes
Queen Jaydes
First game Super Paper Mario

The Underwhere is the main setting for the first half of Chapter 7 in Super Paper Mario.


The Underwhere is where those go after their games have been ended to be judge weither to say there or in the Overthere. It is ruled over by Queen Jaydes who has the ability to restore the life of others if they can be restored. There is also a fountain that restores HP and the infamous River Twygz where anyone unfortunate to fall in and not come out become Underhands.


Chapter 7-1: Subterranean Vacation

Mario, Peach, and Bowser were all sent to The Underwhere after Dimentio destroys them. Mario wakes up and eventually finds Queen Jaydes who is surprised that Mario isn't actually fully gone. She then agrees to fix the Pure Heart also telling him that someone else has entered The Underwhere not too long ago. Mario searches though the River Tywgz and runs into his younger brother Luigi. Luigi didn't know what happened but agrees to join up with Mario on his quest. The two plumbers head back to Queen Jaydes who fixes the Pure Heart and opens the portal back to the living. Mario and Luigi both leave The Underwhere but actually come back after hearing that a Pure Heart is located somewhere in the area. Eventually, Mario and Luigi find Queen Jaydes' daughter Luvbi who reluctantly joins them on their quest to find the Pure Heart. The group then heads out for Underwhere Road.