Tashrooba's sprite from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.
First Game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (2005)
Appearances Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
Homeland Shroob Planet
Located Mushroom Kingdom
Leader Princess Shroob
Related Tanoomba
Attacks Twirling, Transforming, etc.
Defeated by Jumped on multiple times

Tashroobas is an enemy related to a Tanoomba found in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time that is a fused Shroob and Goomba. They have the ability to transform into a Thwomp, a balloon, or a Spiny shell. Tashroobas also may twirl, then walk into Mario or Luigi to attack either one of them. They disguise as a Toad, a 100 Gold Coin, or even a Question Block outside of battle to try to summon Mario and Luigi.

The Tashroobas attack in the same manner as Tanoombas do, except more quicker and stronger. When the Tashrooba does the transforming attack, it turns into a Thwomp, a balloon, or a Spiny shell. If it turns into a Thwomp, it attempts to crush either Mario or Luigi by falling to the ground quickly above either one's head. If it turns into a giant balloon, it attempts to fall quickly to the ground to try to injure Mario or Luigi. They can block these attacks with a hammer, however. If it turns into a Spiny Shell, it attempts to roll into Mario or Luigi, then into the next one depending on who it strikes first. It continuously circles the bro. and eventually poisons them. Unlike the other attacks, this attack can be avoided by jumping.


HP - 140

POW - 135 (125)

DEF - 100

Speed - 127

EXP - 120

Coins - 10

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