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This page is on the power-up. For the character, see here.

Tanooki Mario
Tanooki Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D Land
Tanooki Mario from Super Mario 3D Land.
Item required Super Leaf
User(s) Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Blue Toad, Rosalina
Other forms Tanooki Luigi, Tanooki Peach, Tanooki Toad, Tanooki Rosalina
Powers and Abilities Flight/Glide
First appearance Super Mario Bros. 3
Latest appearance Mario Kart 8 (as a character only.
Tanooki Mario is one of the power-ups used by Mario and Luigi in Super Mario Bros. 3 on the Famicom or the Nintendo Entertainment System gaming console.

When wearing it, Mario becomes Tanooki Mario. Like the Super Leaf power-up, after a running start, this power-up allows Mario to jump up and fly/glide in the air by swing his tail for a certain period of time. The Tanooki Suit differs in its unique ability to transform Mario into a statue for a few seconds, during which he is invincible but unable to move. In statue form, he can destroy some otherwise invincible enemies by landing on them. He can also land on spikes without getting damaged.

If Mario uses a P-Wing while wearing the Tanooki Suit, he keeps the suit while gaining the permanent flight ability of the wing.

This power-up is most certainly inspired from the Japanese tanuki, a raccoon dog that, according to Japanese mythology, has mischievous behavior and shapeshifting powers.

The Tanooki Suit reappears in Super Mario 3D Land. Mario can attack with the tail and also glide after a jump, but is unable to fly in-game. The Tanooki Suit power up item is absent from the game, and the Super Leaf grants the tanooki suit instead The same applies to Super Mario 3D World.

Tanooki Mario reappears in Mario Kart 8, where its character only appears as a DLC.


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