Tail Goomba
Tail Goomba's artwork from Super Mario 3D Land.
First Game Super Mario 3D Land (2011)
Appearances Super Mario 3D Land
Homeland Mushroom Kingdom
Located Mushroom Kingdom
Leader Bowser
Related Golden Tail Goomba (cancelled)
Grand Tail Goomba
Attacks Tanooki Suit abilities
Defeated by Jumped on, power-ups.

Tail Goombas are sub-species of Goombas who have Tanooki tails on their backs.


Super Mario 3D Land

Tail Goomba first appears in Super Mario 3D Land, debuting in the level World 1-1.

In the game, this foe can do everything that the Tanooki Suit power-up has the ability to do in the game, including slowly falling to the ground via fluttering and spinning their tails. Mario and/or Luigi can defeat this enemy by any means possible. Sometimes, when defeated, these foes release a Super Leaf which Mario/Luigi may then use. Tail Goombas also have a Grand Tail Goomba as a subspecies. This subspecies are also a type of Grand Goomba.

One of the Tail Goombas are False Bowser in the first world.