A Swiggler from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
First Game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (2005)
Appearances Vim Factory
Homeland Vim Factory
Related Wiggler

Swiggler is a large robotic Wiggler creation found in the Vim Factory during the events of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. It is found converting the Toad's Vim into a fuel source to be used by the Shroob saucers. The Swiggler is found in a special room deep within the Vim Factory.


During battle, if the Swiggler is attacked while in its red state, it will not take much damage and will counterattack immediately with a shock wave.

While battling the Swiggler, two Dr. Shroobs will accompany it. Attacking the Dr. Shroobs while they hold either a red or gray mushroom will make the mushroom fall into the Swiggler's drink. If a red mushroom falls into the drink, it will turn orange, which will give the Swiggler 80 HP when he drinks it. If a gray mushroom falls into the drink, it will turn purple, which will weaken the Swiggler and make it turn green if he drinks it. While the Swiggler is weakened, he will take more damage.

If the Swiggler's drink is left alone, it will drink the regular green drink to power a couple of Shroob saucers, which will proceed to fire at Mario and Luigi from the top screen. One Shroob UFO will fire at Mario and the other will fire at Luigi. They will continue to fire at the same Bro., even if they switch places.

The Swiggler can also launch a purple gas attack at Mario or Luigi, which can be countered with a few hammer attacks. This purple gas attack has the ability to poison its target. In latter parts of the battle, the Poison Cloud will have to be whacked twice.


  • HP - 250 (200)
  • POW - 36
  • DEF - 100 / 36 (sick)
  • Speed - 23 / 19 (sick)
  • EXP - 160
  • Coins - 120