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In Superstar Showdown, the player has to use the Star Rod to throw energy balls at Bowser by whirling the Wii Remote up in the air. However, Bowser fights back. Bowser has 10 pieces of health and the player has 5. This mini-game appears in Mario Party 8.


Phase 1Edit

MP8 Superstar Showdown 1

Phase 1

Bowser attacks by spitting out fireballs. These are easily dodged, however. 3 hits with energy blasts takes the fight to Phase 2.

Phase 2Edit

MP8 Superstar Showdown 2

Phase 2

Bowser now attacks with Bullet Blasters attached (out of nowhere) to his Clown Copter. They fire Bullet Bills that home in on you. 3 more hits will start Phase 3.

Phase 3Edit

MP8 Superstar Showdown 3

Phase 3

The Bullet Blasters get tricked out and the Bullet Bills are red and faster than the previous ones. There is also a laser gun in the Clown Copter's mouth. The lasers fired are done in sweeps and can only be dodged by going between two of them. After two hits, Bowser will occasionally launch a last ditch attack; spitting a lone but giant fireball. Two more hits (after the "big fireball" part is initiated) will bring him spiraling into the cold depths of defeat...and space.


  • If the player starts charging a shot, stop, then (while the light from the previous charge is still there) starts again, the attack will do more damage than usual.
  • If defeated, the player can try again. What is unique about this incarnation is that Bowser keeps his damage if they do.