The prototype version of Super Mario Bros. 2 is, as the name states, the prototype version of Super Mario Bros. 2. It contains quite a lot of differences.

Changes from prototype to final

Title screen and Story

In the prototype version of this game, the title screen and the story explanation screens were a yellowish-brownish kind of palette. It was later changed to red and light blue. Also, the story dialogue had some word changes. the word "faint" before "voice call" had been removed in the final build and the word "he" in the second part was changed to "Mario" in the final build.

Prototype Final
Title Screen Prototype (Super Mario Bros. 2) Title Screen (Super Mario Bros. 2)
Prototype Final
Story Screen Prototype (Super Mario Bros. 2) Story Screen Final (Super Mario Bros. 2)
Prototype Final
Story Screen Prototype (2) (Super Mario Bros. 2) Story Screen Final (2) (Super Mario Bros. 2)

World intro

In this game, the World's level number (e.g. 1-4) has been positioned closer to the "WORLD" text in the final version. World 7-1 also had no image on it to describe the type of level it was.

Bonus chance

Prototype Final
Bonus Chance Prototype (Super Mario Bros. 2) Bonus Chance Final (Super Mario Bros. 2)

The prototype version of Super Mario Bros. 2 has a complete green background in it with only four white lines surrounding the slots on spinning the wheel. In the final version, the title screen's border has been reused, but in a beige-like color and now has a black background. The words "BONUS CHANCE" were also restyled.

Character selection

Prototype Final
Character Select Prototype (Super Mario Bros. 2) Character Select Final (Super Mario Bros. 2)

Not much differences have been found between the prototype version and the final version of Super Mario Bros. 2 in the character selection screen, but only the ellipses were in the prototype located after the text "EXTRA LIFE", but were removed in the final.

Game Over

Prototype Final
Game Over Screen - Super Mario Bros. 2 Prototype Game Over Screen - Super Mario Bros. 2

The prototype version has unlimited continues, but the final build has only two.

Weak Wart

The prototype version only allows four vegetables to be thrown in Wart's mouth to be defeated. The final has six.

World 7-1

There is an extra cloud platform added in the area with a pillar. Also, the vegetable sprite in this area looks mad and has been made thicker and made its face not look mad anymore.

World 7-2


In the area where Birdo protects a key, Phanto doesn't appear in the prototype, but does in the final.


When the player saves the Subcon citizens, they say "THANK YOU" in the prototype, but not in the final version for unknown reasons.

Prototype Final
Ending Prototype (Super Mario Bros. 2) Ending Final (Super Mario Bros. 2)

After their release from the jar, prize money is earned by the player, depending on the amounts of deaths the player had. The less deaths, the more money. In the final, it was changed to contribution scores. The following money is earned depending on the player's deaths:

Amount of deaths Money earned
0-3 $10,000,000
4 $1,000,000
5-9 $500,000
10-12 $100,000
13-18 $50,000
19+ $10,000

The End screen

Prototype Final
The End Prototype (Super Mario Bros. 2) The End Final (Super Mario Bros. 2)

The End screen in the protype only had a blue background with white text saying "THE END". In the final, it shows Mario sleeping in his bed with a black border surrounding it. Also, the "THE END" text has become stylish in a cursive sort of writing.

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