Super Mario Advance
Super Mario Advance (Front Cover, NA)
The North American boxart for Super Mario Advance.
Developer(s) Nintendo R&D2
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Series Mario
Release date JP March 21, 2001
NA June 11, 2001
EU June 22, 2001
CH 2004 (iQue)
Next game Super Mario Advance 2: Super Mario World

Super Mario Advance (スーパーマリオアドバンス Sūpāmarioadobansu) is a remake of the North American version of Super Mario Bros. 2 using the Super Mario All-Stars engine, It was released for the Game Boy Advance as a flagship launch title in 2001. In the game, players choose between Mario, Luigi, Peach and Toad and go through the world of Subcon.

Differences from the Original

  • Princess Toadstool is referred to as Peach.
  • Each character now has a line of dialogue.
  • The arcade game Mario Bros. has been re-made to play.
  • The boss of World 3 is now Robirdo rather than Mouser.
  • A new multiplayer mode based on Mario Bros. was made to use the Game Boy Advance's new 4 player Link cable connection.