Study Fall
Study Fall
Study Fall
Appearance(s) Mario Party DS
Type 4-player mini-game
Music Get Into It

Study Fall is a mini-game that can be played in Mario Party DS. When played in a Duel game, there are two competitors while if it is regular, there are four competitors.


The screen pans from the bottom of a tall blackboard with various chemistry and mathematical subjects scrawled on it to the top, where the players are strapped to disc magnets, waiting for the whistle to blow.


The objective of the game is to travel the furthest down the board without hitting the erasers at the bottom. The bottom of the board is signified by a red strip running horizontally across the bottom. At the start of the game, all players jump from the top of the board and fall towards the red strip. When players wish to stop, he or she should press the A button and they will stop.

If a player fails to stop before hitting the erasers, he/she will be disqualified.


When all players have stopped or have been disqualified, the distance from the player to the bottom of the red strip is calculated. The player with the least number for their distance wins. The highest possible is achieved by landing exactly before the erasers, at a measurement of 0.0 inches. If none have stopped in time, it will become a tie.

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