The Strobulb as seen in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.
First Game Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
Effects Stuns Ghosts and opens special locks and safes.
Notes Found in the Foyer of Gloomy Manor.

The Strobulb is an item that appears in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. It is invented by Professor E. Gadd and used by Luigi. This item is first acquired in the foyer of Gloomy Manor. It comes from the words "strobe" and "bulb" combined together.


The Strobulb resembles a small, green light bulb on top of a screw. It stays attached to the Poltergust 5000.


The Strobulb is now used to stun ghosts, replacing the flashlight's main usage from the first game. The player can activate the Strobulb by pressing and holding "A." The longer the player holds "A," the stronger the flash will be. It should be noted that some enemies like Spiders and Bats or even weaker ghosts such as Greenies doesn't require a fully charged Strobulb to stun or defeat them. However, tougher ghosts like Slammers or the Possessor ghosts require a fully-charged Strobulb to stun them before vacuuming them up. The Strobulb can also be used to open up flowers that sometimes hold treasure or even Keys. Also, the Strobulb can open special doors and safes which leads to secret rooms and treasure. Unlike the Dark-Light Device, the Strobulb can be held as long the player holds "A" but Luigi will have a harder time running around to avoid attacks.

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