Stone Chomp
Stone Chomp
Stone Chomp's artwork from Paper Mario.
First Game Paper Mario (2001)
Appearances Paper Mario
Homeland Dry Dry Ruins
Located Dry Dry Ruins
Leader Bowser
Related Chain Chomp
Attacks Biting
Defeated by Jumped on

Stone Chomps are a species of Chain Chomps located in Dry Dry Ruins in Paper Mario.


They guard national artifacts in the temple of Dry Dry Ruins (the Diamond Stone, the Lunar Stone, and the Pyramid Stone) and are able to stun Mario and co. by falling from the ceiling or a wall design. Despite their appearance, they are said to be more of Chomp Rocks to honor the Chain Chomp species.

In battle

Despite only one Stone Chomp appearing at a time, two will always be encountered in battle. They only attack with a biting attack that can be guarded against.

Battle Statistics

Stone Chomp
Stonechomp HP 4 Attack 3 Defense 1 Type Ground
Level 10 Strong None Weak None Moves Body Hurl (3)
Sleep? Immune Dizzy? Good, 2 Shock? N/A Shrink? Good, 3
Stop? Good, 3 Fright? Immune Air Lift? Poor Hurricane? N/A
Coins 5 Items None Run N/A Location(s) Dry Dry Ruins
Tattle This is a Stone Chomp, who guards the treasure in this room. He's made of stone. Duh! Max HP: 4, Attack Power: 3, Defense Power: 1 His jaws can supposedly crush a Coconut. I don't know about you, but I don't want to become a snack.

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