Stanley the Bugman
Stanley the Bugman
First Game Donkey Kong 3
Gender Male
Race Human

Stanley the Bugman is the protagonist in Donkey Kong 3, which is his only appearance so far in the Donkey Kong series. He used his insect repellent-loaded gun to attack Donkey Kong and destroy the pestilence invading his greenhouse.


He is the main character in this game where he must exterminate bugs.

Donkey Kong 3

Stanley is the protagonist in this game as well. He uses his Bug-Spray Gun to defeat Donkey Kong. Bees and other insects attack this character, and the objective is to shoot them with his repellent.

Saturday Supercade

He makes an appearance in the Donkey Kong episode Greenhouse Gorillas, which is loosely based on Donkey Kong 3.

Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl

He appears as trophies in both of these games.

Other Games

He appears in other series such as Wario video games as the titular character in some WarioWare mini-games and the Game & Watch Series.

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