MP8 Stampede
Appearance(s) Mario Party 8
Type Challenge minigame
Time 20 seconds
Music Don't Miss This Chance

Stampede is a challenge minigame that only appears in Mario Party 8.


The character will have a lot of papers in front of him or her. The player must then push the Wiimote Icon down making the character stamp a paper with his or her emblem. When the player reaches twenty stamped papers he or she wins.

However, there are times when the player will see a paper already been stamped by Bowser. The player needs to press the Wiimote A or Wiimote B, to move the paper out of the way and he/she gets to keep stamping until time is up. If the player stamps the paper with Bowser, the player loses 2 points from your current score. Since there's only 20 seconds, it's slightly hard to stamp all 20 papers.


  • Its name is a play of a word which is referring to a herd of animals swarming.