Spoiled Rotten
Spoiled Rotten's sprite from Wario Land 4.
First Game Wario Land 4 (2001)
Appearances Wario Land 4
Gender Female
Homeland Entry Passage
Location Entry Passage
Species Eggplant
Alternative Form(s) None
Attacks Summoning Eggplant Warriors at start.

Spoiled Rotten is the first boss of Wario Land 4 that resembles a purple eggplant.


Spoiled Rotten guards the Entry Passage and has no attacks, except for summoning Eggplant Warriors and bouncing Wario off when tried to jump on. Spoiled Rotten also carries a doll, implying that she is a girl.


Spoiled Rotten must become defeated in at least a single minute. Spoiled Rotten summons two Eggplant Warriors at the start on which Wario can ram into and defeat along with Spoiled Rotten herself. When she is enraged she grows fangs and veined eyes. In this state, Wario cannot attack Spoiled Rotten in the front and must attack her from the back or Wario becomes damaged. When Wario defeats Spoiled Rotten, Wario can access every passageway, except for the Golden Pyramid.



  • Spoiled Rotten is the only boss not to have a rare property stolen from the Golden Diva.