Super Mario RPG Statistics: Spikester
Spikester Sprite - Super Mario RPG
Location(s) Booster Pass
Health Points (HP) 50
Attack 48
Defense 60
Magic Attack 12
Magic Defense 4
Weaknesses Ice
Dropped Item None
Yoshi Cookie Item Bracer
Bonus Flower Once Again! (50%)
Psychopath Message "Why, you're AFRAID of me!"
Dropped Coins 2
Experience Points 6

A Spikester is an enemy that appears in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. Spikesters are a species of Spikey that can be commonly found on Booster Pass.


In battle, Spikesters normally attack by charging at a party member. However, they can also use Thornet which may poison a party member or Funguspike to turn someone into a mushroom.


Spikesters are weak to ice moves meaning Mallow's Snowy are effective against them. However, during that point in the game, Mallow will most likely not have learned Snowy so using other special moves such as Mario's Super Flame will work as well.

Special Moves