Speak up is a quiz game in Mario Party 6. It uses the Nintendo Gamecube Mic and requires the player to answer the question with their voice. It includes Brighton and Twila as the hosts (and hostess).


The game requires at least two human players to play.Although up to 4 players can play (but only one Mic and 4 controllers or 3 for 3 players etc.). They take turns answering questions to different Quiz Types. If they answer correctly, they receive a certain amount of coins depending on the difficulty. If they did not answer correctly, the other player(s) get a chance to answer by pressing the A button on their controller. During the quiz, Bowser appears and helps out a losing player. After all the Panels have been used up, the quiz is over.

Quiz types

Speak up has several types of quizzes which are:

  • Picture Quiz - where the player had to figure out the name of the spinning or altered character.
  • Counting Quiz - where the player had to count a number of stars or characters.
  • Memory Quiz - where the player had to watch a short video clip involving Mario characters then answer a question about it.
  • Comparsion Quiz - where the player had to compare two or more objects.
  • Variety Quiz - is a randomly selected question.


Each question takes up one panel. Some times when upturned the panel revealed a power up. As more panels of the selected quiz were turned over, the harder the questions became shown by 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Star(s) with 1 star being the easiest and 5 stars being the hardest.


The game is controlled with the Nintendo Gamecube Mic but uses the A button on the Nintendo Gamecube Controller.