1. REDIRECT Template:M&L EnemySorrow Fist is a boss that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is one of the Hooraws that must be fought in order to obtain a Hooraw Medal to speak with Big Massif.


Sorrow Fist is a Hooraw that wears blue clothing. He also appears to have a sad face hence his name.


For the battle conditions for Sorrow Fist, Mario can only win by achieving Excellent attacks.


  • Arm Flail: Sorrow Fist will dash at Mario will swinging his arm. Mario should avoid this attack since it hurts even landing on top of him, expect if he keeps his hands lower than where his head is.


The fight against Sorrow Fist isn't tough. One should only use Luiginary Attacks if they are great at achieving Excellents at them, but the big tip is that any easy attack is good for this battle.

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