Snow Spike
Snow Spike SS
A Snow Spike as seen in Paper Mario: Sticker Star.
First Game New Super Mario Bros.
Appearances Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Homeland Mushroom Kingdom
Located World 4 (Paper Mario: Sticker Star)
World 5 (New Super Mario Bros)
Leader Bowser
Related Spike
Attacks Snowball Toss
Ground Pound
Defeated by Fire Flowers
Any stickers except Ice Flowers

Snow Spikes are enemies that appear in two Mario games: New Super Mario Bros. and Paper Mario: Sticker Star


Snow Spikes look similar to regular Spikes except they're blue in color. They also wear clothes probably to keep them warm in the cold. They also have black shells on their backs.


New Super Mario Bros.

Snow Spikes appear mainly in World 5 in this game. Their only attack is to hurl snowballs at Mario. These snowballs can even hurt other enemies. They can be taken out easily with a Fire Flower.

Paper Mario: Sticker Star

Snow Spikes only appear in World 4 in this game. They are usually found on high cliffs attempting to strike Mario with snowballs from a distance. In battle, they only attack Mario by jumping on him and throwing snowballs at them. Snow Spikes usually drop Snowball stickers when defeated. Note that using an Ice Flower sticker on them will heal them.